Case against Mohd Ali Islami


This is a planet where both good and bad reside side by side. So, in order to live out our life peacefully we need to accept the good parts of the society with open hands and need to be aware of the demons living besides us and take charge against them. If we don’t take a step towards justice and awareness, we are actually the ones that are motivating these evil minds to take advantage of us. We need to take appropriate steps against criminals that harass innocent human beings and prevent them from doing any evil deeds, such a criminal is Mohd Ali Islami.

This person is no less than a criminal with no morals and humanity. Till now he has been accused of 9 threatening and extortion cases. There is another complaint filed by an owner of a pent house. The owner and Ali Islami agreed on a rent of Rs. 16,135 and that the premises has been given on rent for only 11 months after that the tenant must leave the property. Ali Islami was very irregular in paying the rent and harassed the owner when he went to ask for rent. After some months Ali Islami stopped paying the rents and has due of Rs. 1.12.000 towards the owner and that’s not all even after the agreement of vacating the house after 11 months expired, Ali Islami refused to leave the house and demanded Rs. 10.00.000 from the owner and threatened the owner with dire consequences.

In the petition filled by the police, they mentioned that when Ali Islami was being arrested for the complaint filled, he was continuously threatening the police officers that he will file a false report against them and trap them with illegal accusations. He further elaborated that he is a dangerous and harmful human being and has trapped other police officers with the same illegal accusations. He also made sure to pose a statement that he will try his heart and soul to harm the inspector and get the inspector in jail with false and meaningless accusations. As a result, the inspector pleaded in the petition that the accused criminal Mohd.AliIslami should not be granted bail as he is a threat for both the police department and the society.

Before committing this crime, he took rent of a flat in Aziz Bagh in the area ToliChowki form a lady landlord. He did the same thing to the lady landlord which he did to the pent house owner. He took rent of the flat, did not pay rent properly and when the landlord asked to vacate the house he demanded Rs. 10,00,000. The landlord was forced to pay Rs. 5,00,000 even after getting help from Mosque committee.

He committed such identical crimes throughout his life where he threatened owners to give an amount of money to him or he will not vacate the house. His previous cases are as follows:

Crime Number Section Date Area
226/2016 U 448, 384, 406 IPC and 7(1) of criminal law amendment at 1932 of P.S. 23/09/2016 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
229/2016 U 504, 189 IPC P.S. 26/09/2016 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
48/2015 U 447, 290 IPC 86 R/w 21/76 C.P Act of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad City
55/2015 U 420, 468, 471, 506 R/w 34 of IPC of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad City
57/2014 U 418, 420, 506 of IPC of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
296/2014 U 354, 506 of IPC of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
298/2014 ____________________ ____________________ Central Crime Stations, Hyderabad City
362/ 2007 U 342, 324, 382 IPC of P.S. 30/09/2009 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
218/2006 U 448, 504, 506 of R/w 34 IPC of P.S. ____________________ Golconda, Hyderabad
229/2016 U 504, 189 IPC P.S. 26/09/2016 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad

This is a criminal mastermind who knows no bound, he has no respect for the society and even no respect for the public servants. Throughout his life span he has only known how to assault, harass, extort and threaten other innocent human beings. He does not follow any rules and does not abide by any regulations, and he is a serious threat for the society and can damage or destroy any human being’s life. We need to be aware of such monsters like Mohd Ali Islami criminal and should take appropriate, strict steps against them in order to prevent them from damaging our society.


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