Anywhere in this world, we are bound to find the darkest demons that hunt for only money. These are humans with no self-respect and have no feelings towards other’s lives. These types of peoples are selfish and ill salvage anything they can from a helpless person. So what should we do to prevent these peoples form taking advantage over us? We should be aware of their existence and should take a stand against such human beings whenever they appear at our doorsteps. There are many such demons out there in this world that are looking for an innocent human being to lay their claws on, such a person has a name of Mohd Ali Islami.

Mohd Ali Islami is a demon in the form of a human. He is involved in many criminal activities and is accused and charged with many threatening and extortion cases. Recently a complaint has been filed against this criminal Ali Islami. The complaint was filed by an owner of a pent house in Hyderabad, India.


On 2013 Ali Islami approached the owner of the pent house asking to take the pent house on rent. The owner agreed on the proposal and both the owner and Ali Islami signed an agreement which states that the premises should be vacated after 11 months of taking rent and the tenant must pay Rs. 16,135 monthly. From the very start he did not pay his rent on time and used to harass the owner when the owner came to claim rent. After a few months he stopped paying rents completely and has due of Rs. 1,12,000 still to be paid to the owner. After the agreement expired he refused to vacate the premises and harassed the owner and even demanded Rs. 10,00,000 for vacating the house. He threatened the owner with dire consequences if he failed to pay the demanded amount.

After filing this complaint he was arrested and taken to remand for further investigation. The police on their petition mentioned that the accused Ali Islami was threatening the in charge police inspector in front of all the police staffs. He threatened that he will file false case against the inspector and will trap him into various false planted crimes, he also mentioned that he has done such acts with other inspectors who came to arrest him. The inspector further added in the petition that Ali Islami should not be given bail as he is a threat to the society and the public servants such as himself.

Just before this incident Ali Islami took Rs. 5,00,000 from another flat owner at Aziz Bagh in the area Toli Chowki. He did the same thing with the lady landlord, which he did to the pent house owner. He took rent of the flat and did not pay the rent properly and when the lady landlord asked to vacate the house Ali Islami demanded Rs. 10,00,000 and threatened her. The Mosque committee helped the landlord even though the landlord did have to pay Rs. 5,00,000 to Ali Islami to vacate the house.

This Ali Islami has a long criminal record of taking rent and then asking for an amount to vacate the house .He was previously charged with 8 cases. All the cases filed against him are as follows:

Crime Number Section Date Area
226/2016 U 448, 384, 406 IPC and 7(1) of criminal law amendment at 1932 of P.S. 23/09/2016 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
229/2016 U 504, 189 IPC P.S. 26/09/2016 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
48/2015 U 447, 290 IPC 86 R/w 21/76 C.P Act of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad City
55/2015 U 420, 468, 471, 506 R/w 34 of IPC of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad City
57/2014 U 418, 420, 506 of IPC of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
296/2014 U 354, 506 of IPC of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
298/2014 ____________________ ____________________ Central Crime Stations, Hyderabad City
362/ 2007 U 342, 324, 382 IPC of P.S. 30/09/2009 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
218/2006 U 448, 504, 506 of R/w 34 IPC of P.S. ____________________ Golconda, Hyderabad
229/2016 U 504, 189 IPC P.S. 26/09/2016 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad

This is a criminal that needs to be dealt with very seriously. He does not follow any laws and does not give any respect towards another person’s life. A man who can threaten police officers possesses enough courage to do anything he wants. He has harassed, extorted and threatened many innocent human beings throughout his life. We should all stand as one and defend ourselves from such demons.

Mohd Ali Islami FIR's

Ali Islami FIR'sAli Islami FIR's